How start with OfficePos ?

Create a Free account. Once the account is created automatically receive an email to proceed with the validation of the same. Check your account by clicking Login, fill all your business data, store, payments, taxes, categories, products, prices, employees, ... or perform the automatic import of information from another application.

DOWNLOAD APP for Point of Sale - POS*
Click "Login" from the Pos device or PC running Windows and click download link and install the application on to point of sale terminal.
*This step is not necessary if using WebPOS

From the POS desktop, double-click the icon for OfficePos - Point of sale, identify and in several seconds and POS Software becomes available. Check the screen design through the "Log in Design CRTL-M", check the peripherals (printer tickets or documents, customer display, cashdrawer, scanner, ...). Optionally available for free download for iPhone App from the Apple Store.
**This step is not necessary if using WebPOS
  ¿How upgrade from OfficePos Free account to OfficePos Premium?
Open a session (login) | Administration | My subscription and click "Upgrade Premium" link. Once you have accepted the change of service will receive an email telling you how to pay*** receipt. You will receive an email when payment is confirmed and informing him that the change of service is already successful, and then you can enjoy the benefits of OfficePos Premium, create new users, manage your inventory, ...

(***) Payment methods accepted:
- Credit card
- Bank transfer
- PayPal