OfficePos Partner / Affiliate Program

Earn money selling POS

OfficePos offers a unique way to win money. If you reference any premium account will benefit from a 10% commission on each subscription and without any effort on your part.



Simply must have a Officepos account and a bank account where your money will be sent.


What is my profit

For each subscription*, will be up to 10% of the amount forewer.
* (Subscriptions must be active accounts Premium)


How to register

Only must Sign Up as OfficePos account and check "I want to be a partner and earn money with OfficePos". Once you are discharged, you will be assigned a ID_Partner.


How reference a customer

When your customer is registered as OfficePos account, only in the form must indicate the number of ID_Partner.


More questions

If your client has referenced multiple users, that commission is responsible? The % commission of all users.

If your referenced customer has purchased other optional services are a benefit you? You will receive the same commission.

When performing the liquidation commission? Annually if less than 10 subscriptions (December) and Quarterly if more than 10 subscriptions (end of each quarter).

A referenced customer can reference to other customers? Yes.

Who can benefit from the affiliate program ? Any company, trade union or private person.


OFFICE Windows, Mac and Android compatible.
Windows compatible.
WebPOS Windows, Mac, iOS, Android compatible.
OfficePos App available for iPhone / iPad

Connect with us



Headquarter at Barcelona, Spain, Europe

Mail: info@officepos.com